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First viable new piece with the new camera - yay!

New camera or no, discovering "my" kind of subject matter here in Scotland has proven challenging. But the other day I was walking past this Royal Mail post box, and I knew that there was a photo in there somewhere. Hooray for serendipitous art acquisition! Did I spell all that correctly?


First new piece of April - "servitude"

Still tweaking this one a bit, but we're almost there. Stopped in my tracks and forgot about the world when I saw the raw material for this photo in a parking lot, of all places. It didn't take me too long to arive at a set of images I wanted to work with, but I'm sure I caused a couple cars some difficulty ;)


Finally - a moment or two to breathe!

So as it happens, I have a day job (I know, it's utterly SHOCKING that art doesn't pay the bills, isn't it?), and that day job just happens to be working at an orchid nursery. I don't know anything about orchids, but I help with the shipping & receiving and daily maintenance of the place. Anywho, this is convention season, and I just came out of three weeks in a row of work with just one day off - WHEW!

So what do I do with my much-missed time off? Mostly play with my hair.

But I did manage to do a teensy bit of work on a couple pieces, so there's that. I find myself doing monochromatic things more often now, for whatever that's worth, and this one I was fooling around with today falls into that vein:

And I must be going through a red phase, since that's the color synthdreads I've been busy making and installing on my head ;)