Q: What is a giclee print?

A: "Giclee" is a word that means "droplet" and refers to a process of inkjet printing that looks intensely bold and true to the original image, just like a printed photograph. It's the best way to print on canvas, and the processes and inks used are designed to last literally centuries without fading or changing color.


Q: What's the difference between stretched and unstretched canvas?

A: An unstretched canvas print is just that: a print on heavy canvas with a 3" black border all the way around that has not been affixed to a frame. It comes to you rolled up in a tube, so how you decide to mount and present it is up to you. A stretched canvas piece is a print that has been mounted onto a wooden frame and is quite literally stretched around the whole frame--kind of like a fitted sheet around a mattress--and stapled securely into place on the back. 


Q: What color are the sides of the stretched canvas?

A: I print with a black border around the sides of the image so the edges perpendicular to the wall will be black.  


Q: What kind of stretcher bars do you use?

A: I use a heavyweight wood stretcher bar that's approximately 1.5"-1.75" deep, so it really makes each piece stand out from the wall and gives them a solid, weighty presence.


Q: What is the finish like?

A: The canvas prints have a slightly textured, semi-glossy finish, and they look quite a bit like paintings. The paper prints have a completely matte finish. I can, however, print on glossy paper, more like a traditional photograph, so if that's what you'd like, please let me know.


Q: Do you do your own printing and stretching?

A: I don't have the capability to do my own printing since the pieces are so large, so I work with a small independent printer here in Seattle that I've been using almost exclusively and they're really fantastic. I usually do my own stretching, though.



Q: Can I order a size that isn't one of the choices on the menu?

A: More or less, yes. The sizes I have listed are approximate anyway, so if you'd like a specific width or height, just send me a message about that before placing your order and we can go from there. 


Q: Can I get a piece in a different dimension/aspect ratio/cropping than it is here?

A: Generally I can fudge an inch or two in either direction without harming the integrity of the original piece, but as far as recropping the image itself, I don't normally do that. However, I have been known to print "detail" pieces, so I never say never. 


Q: Can I commission a piece?

A: I've done it before, so you can, but it can be really tricky since all my subject matter is found, not staged. Message me with what your thoughts are, and I'll see if I can make it work.


Q: Is PayPal the only way I can send you money?

A: Not necessarily; it's just the least hassle. If you want to avoid using the internet for payment, you can certainly send me a check or money order. 



Q: How do you package pieces for shipping?

A: Really well! I usually wrap the piece in several layers of bubble wrap, paying special attention to the corners, then I custom-build the box around it using corrugated cardboard. I do my best to make sure nothing moves or compresses. The unstretched canvas and the paper prints I roll up and ship in cardboard tubes.


Q: What shipper do you use?

A: I tend to use FedEx ground, but I can use whatever shipper you prefer.  


Q: How soon after I place an order will it arrive?

A: It takes me about a week to have a piece printed out and packaged up for shipping, and then it's about 5 business days or less for shipping to anywhere in the continental US. So, all in all, allow for 2 weeks-ish.


Q: I live in Seattle, can I just pick up my piece?

A: If you live in or around the Seattle area, I'm happy to deliver your piece to you in person if you like. Or I can ship it as per usual; it's up to you. If you'd like me to deliver it and you bought it here online, I will of course refund the shipping cost.


Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: It costs a LOT of money to produce a print, so I'm inclined to say once you've bought it, it's yours. There are exceptions to any rule, though, so if there's a legitimate reason you need to return a piece, let me know and we'll figure it out. 


Q: What if my print is the wrong size?

A: If the print you receive is a different size than the one you ordered--unlikely, but we're all only human--by all means return it to me and I'll replace it with the correctly sized print. You'll need to pay for the return shipping initially, but I'll refund that to you when I send out the new piece.


Q: What if the print is damaged when it is delivered?

A: I take great care to wrap each piece up securely to avoid any damage, but anything can happen once a piece is in the hands of a shipper, So if a piece arrives damaged (torn or punctured canvas, broken stretcher bar, scratched image), please repackage it and ship it back to me. I will replace it for you and refund the return shipping cost.



Q: Can I still get a piece printed/shipped/delivered while you're out of the US?

A: Yes! I'm able to do all my US printing remotely, so the quality and shipping costs will be the same. And I have tasked a good friend with packaging and shipping/delivering pieces while I'm gone. The only difference will be that I won't be able to sign the new pieces. If you're in the Seattle area, I can pay you a visit and sign them when I return next year.

Q: I don't live in Seattle, but I want a piece and I need it to be signed.

A: I completely understand. I can certainly print & ship my pieces from Scotland so I can sign them for you, but shipping will be substantially higher. Please contact me for an adjusted price for whatever piece you're interested in.